deirdre nelson


My textile practice has evolved through experimenting with materials and methods of making in which hand work and craftsmanship provide both direction and context. Hand skills are transposed though the work in a humorous commentary on social and textile history within the contemporary gallery. My textile work employs a variety of techniques and materials fusing traditional textile skills and contemporary reinterpretation through photography and digital manipulation.

Recent work involves collaboration with the animators rm* which continues to fuse traditional skills with computer manipulation. My recent solo exhibition Ironers and shakers is a result of a period of time spent at London Printworks and a period of research into two local landmarks Walton lodge laundry and Brixton market . www.londonprintworks.com. I am also currently working with gbdm design management on a commission for the new Shetland museum and archives .


deirdre nelson artist said...

I am currently preparing for an artists residency with Durness development group and will live up in Makay county for three months. as the residency progresses i will be adding to the blog as a diary of my research and methods of makign new work.

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