'The only inhabited island is Handa. it is separated from the mainland by a narrow sound. Its name is celtic Aonda ' the island of one colour' or Aon-tach ' the island of one side' in either of which sends the appelation is just and applicable.
Many of those who live nearest this land as well as inhabitants make it their buisness as often as they can , to come with boats to this place and besides catching and killing great numbers of them, to the great benefit of their families in a way of provision, they make considerable profit from the feathers bartering them commonly for an equal weight in wool. The flesh of the birds ( the young ones excepted ) has a filthy taste ofensive to most palates.
Three men at different times left their lives by falling from the rocks, where they were unhappily scrambling in pursuit of them and their eggs.............

In surrounding areas their occupation in the winter is thrashing corn, attending their cattle, making and repairing herring nets and trimming nets for the ensueing season, the females spinning and knitting. The rate charged for spinning hemp is 6d per pound ...
statistical account 1845

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