Auk Family guillemots, razorbills and puffins

'members of the great sea bird clan'

I have been thinking about families of birds and families living on Handa. Looking at a consensus of 1841 on Handa i see that many people living on the island at that time were Macleod

I have also been thinking of residents of Handa emigrating and taking their cultural identity with them through language , music/ culture. Although the residents would may not have worn tartan, using tartan may be a contemporary link..

..birds with tartan patches or sneaky bits of tartan under their wings ...

gaelic could feature also.

puffin ......fachach.....razorbill.....coltraiche....guillemot...eun dubh an sgadain

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Hector said...

My G/G/G/Grandfather was a Macleod and he lived on Handa in 1841. His son Robert left Handa and married at Kinlochbervie where he raised his family.