Evander Maciver
factor .Scourie
His ghost is said to haunt Scourie Lodge.
Clearance in the wake of famine had a different aim. Earlier removals were about relocation there was still an advantage in keeping people/ tenants to work. After the famine the aim was to reduce population rather than relocate.1000's were evicted and 16 000 people shipped overseas between 1847 and 1857

When famine came Evander Maciver claimed to be amazed by the reaction of crofters which was panic. People had fresh memories of vicious clearances . He claims he was approached by many crofters who asked the Duke of Sutherland to fund emmigration.

About 1000 people emigrated at a cost of 7000 to the Duke

When Handa was cleared it became part of Macivers farm. Maciver though that crofting was not a sensible way of life for local people and thought it was good that local people learn how to work!!
He had a free hand in running the estate and thought he had done a good job in improving peoples lives

' there is no duty I performed during my services as a factor in Sutherland on which I look back with more satisfaction than the time and trouble and care I expended in carrying out the transportation of so many families from the poor position of crofters in a wet climate and a poor soil for cultivation to the more fertile lands of Canada , Nova Scotia and Austrailia'

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