Thinking about the current tenants of Handa, and trying to combine ideas to date I have been thinking of knitting birds incorporating wool, fishing nets and line for the beak and feet. Each bird may connect with Handa history in some way through the materials used and possible labels in presentation.

Starting with a puffin I have been knitting with 5 needles (a similar process to knitting a sock) shaping the body of the bird as I go along. I also have been reading alot about puffins.
I was listening to a programme on radio 4 where there was a discussion on sea birds and the eating of puffins! Apparently people on St Kilda had puffins in their porridge or puffin pie was made!
'379 pounds of feathers were plucked by the women, 24 puffins yielding one pound of feathers’

24 puffins = 1lb of feathers
24 puffins = 1lb of wool

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