i have been thinking about emigration and immigrants in this country. there is a large population of Polish now living in this area so i am beginning to think of ways i can incorporate this into the work. looking at Polish birds i discovered that storks are an important bird there. i am not sure that i can knit one though!!

Each spring, Poland welcomes home roughly 25 percent of the nearly 325,000 white storks (scientific name Ciconia ciconia) that breed in Europe. When the storks return from their wintering grounds in Africa, they are attracted to tall trees or buildings where they build nests that often weigh up several tons. People sometimes attach wagon wheels to rooftops and barns or tall poles near buildings in hopes of luring the birds to nest near their homes. Today, telecommunications companies put up special poles and nest supports for the storks.
Nearly 41 thousand “couples” of the 160 thousand worldwide breed in Poland,
thus, “every fourth stork is Polish.”

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