i am trying to knit a razorbill which is turning out to be quite difficult!if i can knit a puffin i am sure i am do a razorbill also...! i am knitting it with cotton silk and Shetland wool and creating the feet and bill from black twine found on the beach . i hope to make the birds actual size but have realised that there is alot of knitting in a razorbill!

i have been gathering information about each bird

Razorbills live in colonies.

They are very noisy with quarrels disputing territories between neighbours or intruders.

They come on land (rocky cliffs) only to nest, spending the rest of their life at sea.

Females lay one egg onto cliff ledges; its pear shape prevents it from rolling off.

Usually you can see them at the surface of the water flying in colony and making a "V".

As Guillemots, Razorbills dive to obtain food. As Puffins, adults Razorbills can stock some fish in their beak.

Half of the world’s population of razorbills breeds in Britain and Ireland

Ungainly on land and walks with a shuffle but is perfectly at home in the sea where it is an excellent swimmer

It can carry up to a dozen small fish at a time in its beak

Spend winter at sea go as far as the Mediterranean in winter

Circles landing spot several times

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