i have been thinking again about the little penguins in knitted jumpers and how i could link that idea with the birds of Handa
these jumpers are used to help rehabilitate little penguins ( eudyptula minor) that have been oil affected. oil clogs the feathers of these tiny sea going birds and reduces their insulating and waterproofing qualities. even worse the penguins attempt to clean themselves by preening and rapidly become poisoned. www.tct.org.au/jumper#tasmanian
fishermens jumpers were knit with oiled wool so this links well with knitting history and industry of the island.. i could possibly knit a series of jumpers for the birds of Handa or representing the people of Handa in some way.
i have found a knitting pattern for one of the penguin jumpers.
How to Knit a Penguin Jumper
You will need:
8 ply wool
1 pair No 9 needles (3.75)
1 pair No 11 Needles (3.00) Method:

Cast on 36 Stitches
K1 P1 to the end of row
Repeat for 7 rows
Change to K2 P2 and increase on stitch at each end of every row 4 times (44 Stitches)
Continue until work measures 10 CM
Decrease 1 stitch at each end of every row until 28 stitches remain
Decrease 1 stitch in the middle of the next row
Leave on needle or stitch holder
Make second side the same as the first
Using the No 11 needles knit both sides onto these needles and K1 P1 for 22 rows. Cast off.
Stitch up the sides to the beginning on the decreasing to 27 stitches, this is to be left open for each flipper. Stitch up the neck.
The finished jumper should measure 4.5” (115mm) wide and 7.5” (190mm) longIf you are a loose knitter, use smaller needles.
*And remember, the knitting must be firm to prevent the penguins from getting out of them.

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