i have just been to Belfast to 'interface' a new textile research centre. http://www.interface.ulster.ac.uk/
i had been there earlier in the year to do a masterclass called contemporary souvenir. taking irish souvenirs as a subject we experimented using the equipment there ( digital printers and lazer cutting technology) we spent two days experimenting on all types of materials food in my case as i was thinking of souvenirs as memories from holidays (taste ,smell ,sounds also) i was lazer cuting lettering onto all sorts!.. potato bread, wheaten bread etc.
this visit was a continuation of the process . i started experimenting with potatoes, (a staple of irish cuisine).. i was also thinking aobut the potato famine and this ties in well with my residency here also. people left handa at a time of famine and arrived in cape breton with famine there also.
i was printing onto potatoes with aran knitted patterns and also lazer cutting text onto potatoes. we were trying to think of ways that this experimental work could be translated into 'souvenir' products .. i started to think of a saying to do with the famine.. we often say 'you'd think it was a famine' if people have over eaten at a meal or bought too much food . i started to think about the idea of shopping bags with imagery text related to this.
the theme of the potatoes could also lead to more experimental installation work .

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Anonymous said...

Hi Deirdre:

Quite like the idea of shopping bags with the potato-famine imagery.

a nice commentary on the glut of the plastic carrier bag as well.

x melanie